Professional Development Courses Available

A Roadmap Through Flipped Learning
Hassan Wilson, Science Department Chair
Friends Seminary, New York, New York

Flipped learning is changing the way time and space can be used in classrooms. However, how can you best develop your course as a flipped classroom? This course will help teachers and faculty rethink your courses by utilizing best practices from flipped learning. Namely, you will leverage techniques from flipped learning courses in order to reorganize or enhance your courses by focusing on what you have identified as your best use of class face to face time. Each faculty member will work on his/her current on campus courses and will have instantly implementable new approaches as the group workshop changes together.

Harnessing the Power of Video for Teaching
Dr. Christopher Mullis
Coordinator of Content and Innovation

There is a reason teachers are using tools such as CrashCourse videos and students are enjoying the entertaining quality of learning through them. They are entertaining while packing content into a concise approach. However, how can you be present with your students when flipping, blending or teaching online? How can you create teacher immediacy, rather than just curate premade videos?

Teaching with video is a key component for your classroom, but can be daunting when just beginning. Learn from the journey of a teacher who worked through ways to grow his teaching from the beginnings of relatively basic lectures to now creating humorous, dynamic videos. Personal examples will be shown to demonstrate pedagogy for engaging students asynchronously. Get immediately applicable ideas and tools for active engagement. 

Powerful Tech Tools for Online Courses
Technology should enhance your teaching, not be a hinderance. This course will help you discover, evaluate and implement tools to enhance your blended and online course experience. Collaborate on both learning new tools and expanding innovative ways to use tools with which you are already comfortable. In this course, you will also learn best practices and HLC approaches to instructional design for strong implementation of the tools in your courses.

Course Information

All HLC professional development courses are four weeks in length. Teachers and learners arrange synchronous times when the course opens.

Course Fee:
HLC Faculty—Complimentary
HLC Members—$375

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Professional Development

Faculty Development and Support
Individualized online sessions to support course building and student success.
Online Professional Development 
Topic-specific professional development courses to further implement blended and online learning. Open to HLC teachers and non-partner schools.

Annual HLC Symposium (3 Days)
On day one of event, partner schools work together on visioning and implementation for the upcoming year. The following two days are open to educators eager to learn about online and blended learning through engaging discussions, speakers and breakout sessions. 

Save the Date:

The 6th Annual HLC Symposium

April 25, 26 & 27, 2018


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